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Gone are the days when pre-school was seen as mere daycare. We, at KIPS , believe in providing children with a solid foundation so that they can go on to become life-long learners. We have devised ways and put together ideas to provide the very young minds with the next-level of foundation. It is a system that sees every child from a different perspective and helps them learn through experience.

KIPS offers a comprehensive program following the highest international standards. Our team of experts sought to establish an international standard that would exceed the national standards of some of the most respected education systems. In order to accomplish this, we set out to develop a program that would be capable of meeting these standards, but with an international flavor so that it could be easily adaptable and acceptable in any part of the world.

Nationally Aligned Internationally Acceptable


Preschool Programme

(Age - 2.5 years to 5 years)


Corporate Day Care

(Age - 3 years to 10 years)


Playschool @ Home

(Age - 2.5 years to 5.5 years)

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Facilitators For Life

KIPS teachers are highly trained, receiving a minimum mandatory training of 6 months. KIPS schools and teachers strive to the highest professional standards at all times.

Inspired by the best practices of IB PYP, Reggio Emilia, Playway and Maria Montessori, we have developed a comprehensive, dynamic and contemporary curriculum that prepares our young ones to go through the journey of life with complete confidence.

The first few years of a child is very important as they come out in the outer world and meet other people beyond their parents so we ensure to build up a trust, belief, love, confidence and introduce them to be positive and instill lifelong values in a preschool that they potray for their lifetime.

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Most Rewarding Business Opportunity Awaits

Kids International Playschool : Daycare and Activity Centre is a leading preschool backed by Prime Education Version Pvt Ltd. With more than 16 years of experience in the preschool industry, KIPS expands its wing to nurture more children throughout India by providing a profitable opportunity to young business aspirants to experienced businessmen, female educators to renowned women from other fields of recognition to start your own KIPS now in India or beyond the boundaries of India.

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